Google Places and SEO

The secret to high local rankings is getting Google to accept you into their Places listings program. This means that they are going to recognize you as one of the businesses people should go to for your keyword in your given area.

This is done by filling out the Google places screen with all of your business information including an address where they can send you a letter. In about a week or two you are going to get a letter from Google in the mail that says a special key phrase that you’re going to enter into Google.

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After all of this is complete it is time to get down to doing SEO because Google is now seeing you as a local competitor and your SEO on your website is going to start to take effect.

Once you’re able to get a few powerful links to your site you are going to move up to the top of the local listings and you may even top the screen altogether! Watch out for your listing in other cities as well because it sometimes includes you in bordering towns also.

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